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Wet Fly and Nymph Patterns

Fish feed more below the surface than they do on the surface.  I think this is a good reason to have a good selection of wet flies an nymphs and and use them often. To download more information and complete tying instructions, just click on the picture.

Bob's KF Stone

I designed this small black stonefly for the early black stonefly hatch in Wisconsin, but I am sure it will work in other states as well.

Designed and tied by Bob Haase

Bob's Eyed Hare's Ear Nymph

I havestarted adding eyes to many of my fly patterns.  You will see them on many of my patterns where I think it makes sense. Most hare's ear patterns do not include eyes but I think it makes a great pattern even better. I make my mono eyes by melting monofilament fishing line.

Designed and tied by Bob Haase

Bob's Easy Eyed Scud
Since I first designed this, I changed to using a UV Set polymer for the scub back rather than Liquid Fusion.  Other than that, the pattern and tying instructions are the same.
Designed and tied by Bob Haase
Flashabou Nymph
This fly was originally designed to be a panfish fly and I tied it in size #14 and #12.  I make a couple in size #16 and #18 and made a few modifications and took them on a western fishing trip.  It saved the day when the fish would take nothing else.  I will never go without a few of these my box.
Designed and tied by Bob Haase

Viagra Caddis

I call this the Viagra Caddis because it stays up forever, but you can fish it for more than four hours without calling a doctor.  The foam head keeps it in the surface film and the CDC puffs make it look like an adult coming out of the shuck. The fish know they need to take it now or miss the opportunity.

Designed and tied by Bob Haase

SB Nymph

The SB Nymph design was a collaboration between Bob Haase and Spencer Gore.  Another great fly pattern using Emu feathers. It is fun to sit down and tie new patterns, share them with your friends, and work together to modify and improve the patterns.
Designed by Bob Haase & Spencer Gore - Tied by Bob Haase

Tree Rat Biot Nymph

This is called the Tree Rat Biot Nymph because the body is made of squirrel dubbing and utilizes a single biot.  It is a simple, but very effective pattern.

Designed and tied by Bob Haase

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