Bob's Fly Box

Panfish Fly Patterns

These flies have been designed and tied to catch bluegills and other panfish. To download more information and complete tying instructions, just click on the picture.

Garts Gurgler Panfish Fly

One of my go-to flies when the bluegills are feeding off the surface.  This pattern is a modification of the famous Gart's Gurgler Bass fly designed by Jack Gartside. 

Pattern modified and tied by Bob Haase

Panfish Emu Bugger

I designed a fly called an "Emu-Bugger" a number of years ago and this is the
panfish version of that fly.  We use it for youth tying programs because it is easy to tie and and catches bluegills like crazy.

Designed and tied by Bob Haase

Chenille Body Panfish Fly

Tied by Bob Haase

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