Bob's Fly Box

Dry Flies

It is always fun to take fish off the surface whether it is trout, bass, or bluegills. To download more information and complete tying directions, just click on the picture.

Bob's Woodland Caddis

This is another caddis pattern that you might want to include in you fly box.  It sometimes fishes better than the standard Elk Hair Caddis.

Tied by Bob Haase

Bob's Foam Trico

It seems like Trico's fish better when they penetrate and float in the surface film.  This pattern seems to do that very well.

Designed and tied by Bob Haase

Bob's Hex

Fishing the Hex hatch is something that everyone should do at least once.  I say at least once, because if you do it once, you will do it again. This is one of my favorite hex patterns.

Designed and tied by Bob Haase

Fast Water BWO

This fly is designed to stay floating longer and creates a better silhouette for riffles and fast water applications.  Shown is Blue Wing Olive pattern, but you can modify other fly patterns using the same technique.

Designed and tied by Bob Haase

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