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A Little About Bob

This site is dedicated to my dad, grandfather, and the friends that took the time to take me fishing.  Through them, I learned to appreciate the beauty of our lakes, streams, and the woods that surround them.  The photograph of my grandfather taking me fishing when I was five years old was taken over 65 years ago.  A lot has changed in that time, but the one thing that hasn't changed is that fishing is a lot of fun! 

If you enjoy fishing, hunting, or any other outdoor sport, please consider introducing a younger person to your favorite sport. If you enjoy tying flies like I do, teach others how to tie some of your favorite flies and then take them fishing so they might catch a few fish on them. I call it "planting the seed" because they might not become active in it right away, but they may become active in it later in life. 

We also need to remember our senior citizens, and veteran's.  They may not be able to fish on their own, but with your help they may be able to enjoy some time on the water and bring back some great                                                                                memories. 

There are a lot of fishing, hunting, and sportsman's clubs that do a lot to protect and enhance our fisheries and our environment. There are not as many people joining clubs and organizations as their used to be, but your membership and participation in these clubs is very important.  If you do not belong to a fishing club or sportsman's club, please consider joining and becoming active.  The work of the clubs and your involvement in them helps improve our fisheries and protects them for future generations. 

Take the time to get outdoors.  For me it is fishing, hunting, and sometimes just taking a walk in the woods.  I do a lot of nature and wildlife photography and it helps me appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors.  Consider getting your family involved in nature hikes, outdoor photography, bird watching, shed hunting in the spring, and other activities that you can do together as a family.  

Life is good if we take the time to enjoy it.  


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